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Let's Create an Evil Corporation!

[i][b]REPOST OF AN OLD TOPIC THAT WAS SPOILED/BURIED (NEARLY A YEAR AGO): [/b] [/i] We are going to attempt to create an evil corporation from start, we are painters and we now have a blank canvas. Let your ideas flow into this corporation! Simply edit the post in paint or something similar by adding buildings or detail to the map and simply link the upload URL from these two websites: Tip- CTRL+G=Grid that will help you draw with much more ease. Rules: -Resizing allowed -Try to keep it to MS Paint only, unless your adding in a photo. -Unrealism is accepted. -.PNG ONLY please. -You can make the photo bigger, just not so large it takes up the entirety of the screen. You can also make natural events happen, like rain and stuff and people have to be creative and find a way to stop it. -DON'T -blam!-ING DESTORY EVERYTHING -Have fun!

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