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The Combat Issue

Combat in this game was developed to be strongly centered on maneuverability. The problem is, though, that certain characters shouldn't therefore have more maneuverability. The titan lacks any maneuverability and is therefore boned in most big battles like strike bosses. This wouldn't be an issue had the titan been given better armor, which seemed to be the intention but there is no clear difference between the amount of bullets each class can take. Armor is a big issue overall, the landscape is awkward to maneuver and one cannot stay out in the action for too long or their shields will get destroyed. This is an issue because it forces the play to mostly just sit behind cover, making maneuverability useless and the gameplay to be aggravating and boring. On top of this, the cover is awful! Since most enemies uses explosives (which have way too much blast radius and fire rate) most cover becomes useless, especially since explosions will tend to go through cover. This can be easily remedied by simply giving the guardians more armor (especially the titan) and making the world less bouncy (whenever you land on a corner or get stuck on one it often bounces you in awkward directions).

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