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Editado por DarkenedGamr: 9/30/2014 7:20:41 PM

Should PvP be forced for certain Bounties?



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Now I don't want no complaints about this, mostly because this is my complaint all together, but I'm going to admit this; I suck at PvP, and therefor I really hate it. Having nothing but a PvP mode when it comes to multiplayer causes many games to lose retail value very quickly for me, and as such is why I stay away from crap like Call of Duty Multiplayer and I tend to play against bots steadily increasing difficulty until I get bored. When it comes to Halo, the only game modes I was ever good at was Infection and maybe I would play custom games with friends. Now we all know that almost every exotic bounty requires you to play the Crucible and I am currently working towards getting Invective. But that's the problem, I understand a 25 cumulative K/D ratio isn't that difficult to get, but when I say I suck at PvP, I mean the best I ever done was 16 kills to 10 deaths. Now that most of the achievements and this bounty in particular ride on how I do in the crucible, I have gotten 11 kills to 11 deaths the first game, and then 9 kills to 10 deaths in the second. Now when it comes to games like this, I stick to the PvE aspect to avoid the PvP all together. However I am glad they don't have heavy PvP zones like Dark Souls where you can get constantly invaded or SWTOR where your only hope of avoiding PvP is by sticking far off the main paths or by stealthing through those zones. Both Dark Souls and SWTOR have what I call forced PvP, and when it comes to an Exotic weapon bounty where I am forced out of a comfort zone, Destiny starts to fall into that category. It's not even that you can avoid it either unless your luck is that comparable to winning a 18 digit lotto, you cheat the game, or you are able to spend hours upon hours farming stupid dark caves using up time that you could be using to actually do something you are supposed to do. In my opinion, there should be the option of Preference. PvP preference is where bounties could be biased for PvP oriented players, and maybe give multiple players the option to shoot at each other outside of the Crucible (Level advantages can be disabled to prevent ganking), the default will be what we have now where bounties would be brought to both the Crucible and PvE experiences, and then you would have the PvE Casual preference that would remove PvP aspects from bounties and replace them with really challenging PvE tasks like [spoiler]beating the three bosses with heroic modifier active[/spoiler]. But the game is already out and they might not be able to do that until Destiny 2 or a spin off, but I'd like to hear some opinions so I know I'm not the only one that feels that a more "laid back" option would bring a bit more replay value to the table.

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