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9/27/2014 6:39:44 AM

i made a noob mistake, but hopefully you guys can fix it :\

I didnt know that you could only have 1 exotic armor and 1 exotic weapon equipped at the same time, im new to the game but i havent seen a warning that said you cant equip more than one exotic armor until the moment i tried to equip the chest of the alpha lupi on my titan. I got really butthurt and dismantled it hoping it would give me my coins back but obviously it didnt which is why im here. is there anyway I could get my coins back, I really want to buy suros regime but now that those coins are wasted its impossible for me to get it this week :\ and I put in so much work this week only to have all those coins wasted. Please help. Also if there is anyway to refund stuff without opening a ticket like this im sorry im just too dumb to find these things, and if there is one if someone could tell me how to refund xD. thanks.

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