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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Never again

I think one reason the hatred and critic is so high is because many gamers are truly fed up with the lies large game publishers have been feeding us for years. EA and Bioware is one case, Sega and The Creative Assembly another. In both cases they made sequels to some of the most legendary games and failed completely because of the publishers greed. From my perspective the same thing is happening to Bungie with the difference this is a first release and no sequel. Of course there are plenty of other examples as well, I´ve seen COD mentioned in other posts! So why are people so pissed off. Well, I think it´s quite simple really. Every "great" game is based on the consequences of the players actions. If there are no consequences... why play? The consequences are related to the story which brings the game and the player forward. There should be a feeling of achievment, result, progress and learning. Destiny has none despite it´s bold title "Become legend"... Legend?...Where? When? Why? How? More content as in more missions can´t solve this! As a project manager I´m used to development and the feeling I get when I play Destiny is that the techies and market guys completely took over! Not surprised considering the budget! It´s a soulless shooter without depth and the words "Become Legend" in it´s title is an insult. The way I see it only a genuine story can fix Destiny! The idea of putting more info on is a marketing solution and completely pointless to the gamer! Besides, the info on the Grimoire cards are below what a 10 year old might come up with and I wouldn´t be surprised if that was actually the case. But please stay with me, it gets worse! The game is completely unbalanced event though it seems they are trying to fix that now. Either they were forced to some last minute changes or the testing department failed in a way beyond belief cosidering the budget. So what about hope for the future? Bungie has about two or three weeks to fix this or the game will die within six month. Surely some hardcore players will stay in the Cricible or do strikes/raids with their friends but that was hardly what Bungie was aiming for! If they want to change the current choir of complaints into praise the only option is really to release everything they have that helps explain and elaborate the story. Naturally it will never happen since this is in the hands of Activision, a company that´s been on my shitlist for years. But hope is the last thing that dies... Finally, I bought this game because of past expeciences from Halo and partially because it´s the most expensive game ever produced. My thought was it would guarantee a certain level of quality despite the fact Activision was involved. I have learned I just better quit gaming altogether or completely convert to crowdfunded games!

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