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9/28/2014 3:07:33 PM

vault of glass

So me and my friends got destiny all together, leveled up all together, really there hasn't been a moment we were out of a fire team, and we geAred up, played for long hours trying to get our level up, and when we finally did we attempted the raid with the levels; 29 28 28 27 28 27. We ended up getting past the first part to get into the vault, and we were stoked, we tried that raid at lvl 25 and couldn't even get in. So we got past that, got past the oracles and Templar after many a tries. Got past the Gorgons, jumping puzzle, and when we reached atheons throne we were stoked, we spent hours. Trying to devise a theory to beat him then last night we finally beat him. And what happened next devastated us, all those long hours and hard work for a shader and a few ascendant shards/energy? That depleted out motivation, and we kinda just sat there wondering if this is right, because we all thought the mission description said you get raid gear and material upgrades, like in the regular story missions you get whatever is under the rewards part of the mission description. But when we beat the raid we were happy!!!! Only to be shot down by a blacks screen with the counter at zero, we didn't see any loot and the bottom left hand side of the screen, but when I finally and hesitantly went to orbit, and then to the tower, it felt like I was slapped in the face, all we got was a shader and some ascendant energy/shards. I'm sure my team thinks so too! So can you please explain or just help us out of something? I can give you our info if you need it. Love, A guy who has been excited for destiny for a long time.

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