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9/27/2014 8:47:48 PM

still a good game...

Lets be honest. If this game came out a year ago it would have been bullet-proof at launch the way it was, but the gaming world is moving at a faster pace now than ever before and it is speeding up. Because of this the game that bungie has put so much work into is under heavy fire from disgruntled players who, for all their complaining (I am one) just want to play more and gain that extra level. This game is good, and I have a feeling that bungie will make it great. They just need the time. So on to feedback. I think bungie understands that they need to listen to the community, they have made this clear with the changes to the cryptarch. I hope they listen to a few suggestions in general though. 1) hoard mode: pretty self explanitory. I have seen multiple threads on this. 2) Opening the city: open the big doors and let the guardians frolic among the citizens of the last bastion. let us own homes, get a hair cut, color our armor, fall in love, get a drink at the local pub (which should be an open chat room.) 3) pets: just let us have some furry critter that hangs out with us in the tower. 4) Rescue mode: I saw a great suggestion for a 6 person rescue mission where one group holds out a tower and the other comes to the rescue through hoards of enemys, culminating in a 6 person fort control hoard battle. 5) add more to the areas already in game: (I think bungie might already be doing this) open some of the doors that go nowhere. I want to explore more! 6) armor design: let us choose what our armor looks like. This could be done by a talor in the city^ 7)forge mode!!!!!: you already know :D 8) proximity chat in the tower and city there is so much more that can be done and I know bungie is capable of doing it. kthnxbai :)

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