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9/27/2014 11:24:56 AM

Just some Ideas

Hello Bungie, I really love the game thus far and I'm sure we're just getting a glimpse of what's to come but I just thought I'd throw in some ideas since everybody's doing so :D. [b]1) [b]Quick gear switch:[/b][/b] based on some of the high level missions that require specific damage to get rid of some enemies a quick gear switch is a must. It could be done when you have the ghost at hand and have the menu to go back to orbit(see 2nd suggestion) by using any of the keypads or something like that. If one could set up at least another set of gear that would focus on void damage or solar damage or maybe just to switch between exotic equipment in order to have a better experience when fighting different enemies. [b]2) [b]Go back to tower[/b]:[/b] when somebody has an option to go back to orbit, it will probably be to go to the tower, most of the time. It could really save up A LOT of loading time if this option was enabled. I would say make a map to just travel directly to any location, but that would pretty much remove the going back to orbit as a whole. [b]3) [b]Fireteam help board:[/b][/b] a lot of people aren't great with approaching new people and some tasks are impossible by yourself. A board kind of like a WANTED board on the tower would be great, it would serve as a way for people to display what task they currently can't do on their own and would like some assistance with it. This would greatly benefit all guardians as a way to meet new people and achieve same goals. [b]EXTRA!!!: [/b]Well this is just something I personally think would be really cool and again it's just my opinion. If we could buy, equip, earn whatever; something that would give us any specific helmets benefits and have it be invisible, that way we could actually see our custom made guardian's face outside of the tower, it'd be nice to have a game where customization is not completely made useless by the gear we wear. Think that's all i got in my head for now :D. If I really like how the game is now but I think this would make it a better experience for everybody and also an opportunity to make new friends.

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