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9/26/2014 5:24:49 PM

Hey Bungie!

I was wondering why if I ran through ALL the story missions on lvl 28 why I get absolutely no reward for completing the highest available difficulty? Why can I only get a reward from a weekly strike once? It doesnt get easier the 2nd time, and it takes just as long. I am lvl 29 and there is NOTHING to do. Bounties give me nada, as do any missions or the Queens Missions, which theres no point in doing now (Thanks!). lvl 24 Strikes, which are the highest choice excluding nightfall (Which I can only get rewards from once). This is my biggest question: in a game designed around repeating the same tasks, albeit with harder difficulty, why would you make it so I get NOTHING from repeating a mission/strike/raid? That means I can literally do 1 strike twice a week, Heroic then Nightfall, then after that I am essentially screwed on getting anything worth getting until the following week? Thats not serving the purpose of keeping me around. This is why people resort to Loot caves << In case you didn't know

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