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9/22/2014 7:31:23 PM

Matchmaking for heroic strikes and the raids?

Yes, matchmaking please!


No, matchmaking is not required


Don't know or don't care


First off, I have to admit that I'm enjoying Destiny quite numb. Not because of the story, because honestly, it's the worst story in a game I've seen in the past couple of years, there almost seems to be none at all. Also not because of the open world, since the world may be large, I wouldn't call it "open" in a sense I would've expected, the world looks amazing, but most of it is unreachable and thus un-explorable. I simply love it because the core gameplay is extremely well done. Well balanced weapons and gear, very nice pacing and an overall good feel. The classes could've been left out, they're more of the same than really different, display since the classes don't have they're own weapons they can wield. Still I love playing the Warlock class a lot. But with all that said... Why no matchmaking for raids and the weekly heroic strike mission? Seriously? There is no decent way of interacting with other players in the world, yet there is no way of making a group via matchmaking for surgery of these, more end game, events? I'm really saddened because of this. I have nearly no friends with Destiny or the PlayStation 4 system, so I'm very reliant on the matchmaking system... Bungie, please address this and at least make the heroic strike a matchmaking system. Also, please make interaction between players more feasible... Joining the same team via matchmaking should automatically put you into a fireteam making it possible to actually talk to one another and thus interact with your team mates during the mission your playing together.

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