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9/24/2014 10:43:01 PM

[Game Controls] Accidentally sprinting while charging a Fusion Rifle

[b]Problem:[/b] Sometimes when I move forward while charging a Fusion Rifle, I unexpectedly start to sprint -- canceling the fusion rifle charge. [b]Proposed Change:[/b] While a player is holding down the trigger (R2) to charge a Fusion Rifle, temporarily disable the sprint button (R3) until the player releases the trigger (R2). [b]My Opinion:[/b] One might think this is just from playing too hard on the controller, but I know it's happening to many people. It can be assumed that while someone is [i]actively[/i] charging a Fusion Rifle, they don't want to start sprinting -- if they do want to escape mid-charge they can release (R2) while doing so. [i]//Feedback based on the PS4 version//[/i]

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