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publicado originalmente en:Wolves of Blackgate
9/24/2014 9:09:13 AM

Enemy Shields - How to break them fast!

At higher levels, you'll notice enemies with shields becoming a frequent occurance that can really slow down your fireteams progress. To bypass these baddies quickly- take note of the color of their shields. Whatever the color is, that's the damage type you want to use which will deal bonus damage to the shield and bring it down quickly. The different symbols on your weapons represent the damage type it causes. [u]Shield [/u] / [u]Damage Type To Use[/u] Red Solar/Fire Purple Void/Dark Blue Arc/Lightning White No element/kinetic It's helpful later on to have a number of different weapons you can switch to depending on the enemies you're facing and your fireteam set up. Work together and good luck! -Kudos to Kiger383 for the information.

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