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9/18/2014 8:56:55 PM

I have a dream...

I have a dream, that one day, all gaurdians will come together. All gaurdians will have a voice of there own and will share it and converse their opinions among eachother. I have a dream that one day a gaurdian can go into orbit and have a fireteam for his mission. That teams will always be available and missions can be done any time! That a level 22+ gaurdian can do a level 22 strike and level 24 a level 24 strike and so on. I have a dream that one day no more hive will have opportunities to team up on a gaurdian, because that gaurdian will not be alone and weak, he will be strengthened by those around him, the other gaurdians of his fireteam. I have a dream. And this dream must become a reality. For us all. I plead to you guardians. Rise up! Rise up and come together! Together we are strong. Fireteams must be made! And to you Bungie. Us gaurdians know only love, but now we are asking for your guidance. I have a dream, [b][u]that there will be a system for gardians to come together for raids and heroic strikes. That there will be matchmaking.[/u][/b] Or a lobby system for such raids and strikes. [b]So i ask you Bungie. Will you turn your back to your gaurdians? Or allow us to rise up and make this game [i]legend[/i]?[/b] [b]THIS IS OUR DESTINY GUARDIANS. TAKE HOLD AND BECOME LEGENDS.[/b]

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