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publicado originalmente en:ThreeFoldGaming
9/13/2014 5:43:41 AM

New Destiny Raid! *Lvl 26 Required*

Hey guys, as you may possibly know by now, next Tuesday Bungie is unleashing The Vault Of Glass - A new raid! Many people are going to be involved and I am going to try my best to get to Lvl 26 ASAP! I am currently just hitting Lvl 20! However, DemonizedHero, JordanJevas, SubjectLionHeart and Myself are more than willing to help anyone out if in need of boosting (Of course if we have the time)! If anyone else is willing to help boost, please post below so we all can band together and make it to this awesome raid in time for next Tuesday! Bungie describes Raids to be extremely difficult, incredibly diverse and any around 45-60 minutes long. This is gonna take endurance folks, but we are 3FG - We never back down, we always stand together as a community and we fight along side each other as a team! Let's do this! Let's become #3FG Legends!

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