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Should Destiny be an Exclusive

The forums is full of pricks


May Giantdad have mercy on your soul


Well what is it?


Does anyone else think that Destiny should be an exclusive to PC? I mean currently Destiny is 1080p 30fps on next gen but next gen is holding Destiny back. Everyone knows that PC is the superior gaming platform. If Destiny was a PC exclusive Destiny could be 4k 120fps easy. Our next gen consoles aren't next gen enough and not powerful enough for Destiny. Also everyone knows that poor console gamers have the worst communities and least amount of fedoras and neckbeards. As shown by these forums it is apparent that neither xboners or PSWhores deserve Destiny with their pathetic console war. Bungie please make Destiny a PC exclusive as we are the only community who haven't plagued these forums with their console wars and trying to compensate for their lack of facial hair.

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