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Compiled Crucible Feedback by #1 Crucible Player

Crucible feedback is accumulated based on a combined ~160 hours PvP playtime during the beta by LikeButta (#1 in score/kills) and tripleWRECK. EDIT: Since a couple people have been commenting on it, the reference to #1 is simply based on score/kills leaderboards in the beta and is not a claim of being the best player. Thanks! Note that much of this feedback is to be used to improve Crucible in a [u]realistic[/u] manner, we do not want to affect the meta or the current state of the game greatly. Also note that some changes are meant for Bungie to consider, while others are actual balancing issues. In addition, the balancing issues are suggested to be modified slightly (not proposing huge nerfs). [u]Countering Super Abilities and the Current in-game Indicator[/u] We need some opportunity for countering, and the indicator that is currently in the game is so subtle that almost nobody knows it exists. Only one person that we've spoken to knew about the indicator and he was informed of its existence by a friend at Bungie. See examples of this glowing/flashing indicator on a player's level icon[b] [url=]here[/url] [/b]and [b][url=]here (at 1:55)[/url] [/b]. This indicator must be much more apparent, perhaps a solid yellow outline on the interior of the level icon in addition to the existing glowing/flashing effect. [u]Frequency of Super Abilities[/u] No doubt players should get fun supers during the match and “feel awesome” with Destiny's unique feel, but currently players can get them almost nonstop--especially when you factor in the orbs of light which drop for the entire team and fill your super bar so generously (16% of your super gauge each). Orbs of light also last for several minutes on the map which detracts from the importance of teamwork or coordination of supers (which we believe are the intended effects of Orbs). Furthermore, when we then take into consideration the ‘Intellect’ gear attribute which [i]further[/i] reduces the cooldown of your super, earning upwards of 10 supers in a 12 minute game seems feasible. Ideally filling your super bar should take 50% longer overall than the beta build and in addition have the orbs disappear more quickly (~20 seconds). [u]Balance of Super abilities[/u] The current state where Golden Gun activation provides no bonus effective health is great as it is meant to be activated preemptively. However, the bonus effective health of Fist of Havoc activation should be slightly toned down so that they aren’t “almost” invulnerable. Most notably, the Golden Gun should be a one-hit-kill on users activating any super (like FoH), granted they are within the one-hit-kill range and do not have an extraordinary shield. The Golden Gun has greater kill potential overall in comparison to FoH and NB, and should not feel quite so easy to use. The hit-box for the Beta Build’s Golden Gun is slightly too forgiving. [u]Grenades[/u] Vortex Grenades should be adjusted to be more in line with other subclass grenades. With a nerf to its duration and a slight nerf to its drain/damage per second, the Vortex Grenade would still remain a powerful tool for the Voidwalker subclass. [u]Hitboxes[/u] Headshot hitboxes (especially with snipers) feel slightly too large, on more than one occasion you can shoot someone in the chest and it registers as a headshot. [u]Weapon Balance[/u] Consider providing less heavy ammo for machine guns, perhaps as much as the clip-size for the gun. Also have heavy ammo that is dropped (by death of a player) on the map to disappear quicker, similar to orbs of light. Hand Cannon’s and to a lesser extent Pulse Rifles need a buff, in comparison to the scout rifle there is virtually no reason to use a HC in most cases given their low chamber size, high recoil, limited range, and long reload time (in general). It would be nice if the Hand Cannon’s were given full accuracy while jumping. The best Auto Rifles are a little too effective (especially the Shingen/Cydonia). On anything but the farthest encounters they dominate all other weapons consistently due to their extremely high RoF and accuracy/stability. The Galahad-B feels like a good representation of where ARs should be in general. [u]Map Balance[/u] Control on Mars [b]needs[/b] some tweaking in order to be a viable gametype: B and C flag are right next to each other with easy choke-points while A is on the other side of the map. Moving the heavy ammo on C side closer to the middle of the map might help prevent entire teams camping at C. Another possible solution is to have just one heavy ammo spawn on this map and locate it in the middle of the map (closer to A). Besides these easy changes with heavy ammo, a rework of control points may also prove fruitful (the devs will figure out their preferred solution if they do in fact try to fix this, no need for us to get too specific here). [u]Other[/u] Consider adding a visual indication to your teammate’s current health. Changing the level icon over a player’s head to yellow (danger/medium health) or red (critical/low health) would be a good implementation. This would aid to the team metagame and increase teamwork potential. A pregame lobby where you can view everyone’s Guardians/gear along with a map vote would be welcome. This would go better if the subsequent note about quitting (including prior to the game) is implemented into the game. Punish players who quit in some capacity. Leaving a match via returning to orbit does not count your stats and was already being abused by stat-obsessors. A temporary ban and/or mark on players’ stats would provide good incentive to stay in the match. Punishment for any playlists with greater competitive nature should be increased to a negation of rank/points/etc. Consider adding subtle audio-cues when your melee and grenades finish cooling down. Add private games with the amount of customization Bungie is known for (including the options to turn off different types of gear upgrades and special/heavy ammo customization). Add a spectator mode so Destiny can become a premier competitive title. Add a [b]skill-ranking system[/b], at least as one or more specific playlists (ala Halo at its best). This would help players looking for games where winning is the main priority, quitting is rare (punishable), matchmaking balance is more precise, and clear rewards for performance and improvement are given to increase PvP longevity.

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