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Chat Features and other suggestions

I'll start by saying how much I enjoyed the game and how excited I am to see destiny hit the stores everywhere. It was fun, it was exciting, and after the beta was closed up, it left me wanting more. I'm glad I had the opportunity to play the beta. Now that I've said that, on to the suggestions. One of the main things I would like to see implemented into the game is more interaction with other guardians, specifically with chat and fire team option. 1.) If you've spent any time in the tower, no doubt you've seen the emote system. Dancing, waving, pointing, and sitting, along with the ability to lock on to other players and Emote to them. For example, "Player 1 dances with Player 2". I wish to expand upon the interaction between guardians and suggest the use of an in game messaging system. When I lol on to another player, I would like to see a list of options for interaction. For example, Player 1 locks onto Player 2 ad can send a 'Chat Request'. Player 2 receives the notification and can choose to deny or accept. The list could be furthered by being able to invite a player into the fire team, emoting with them, or inspecting equipment an stats. 2.) the main problem I see with my idea include people spamming invites and/or chat requests. To solve the issue, a player may set their options to automatically decline or ignore these requests. 3.) to further the effectiveness of my chat feature suggestion, the messaging system could be boiled down to two main parts: the inquiry, and the reason. (The most effective example would be messages in dark souls 2) for example, Inquiries could be broken into two listings, chat requests and fire team invites. Reasons could be broken into a few listings, "Raid", "Fireteam:Crucible", and "Fireteam:Story/explore". A quick example could be: "Player 1 has sent you a Chat Request", "Player 1 would like you to join his Fireteam for a a raid" I believe that this system, with limiting factors an rules in place, would be a great addition to the game. If anyone has any suggestions for a similar system or changes, they would all be appreciated, along with any suggestions on refining my idea. Edit: I also believe this suggestion would eliminate the need for a proximity chat. (I don't like proximity chat because I feel it would get much too loud in some areas.) And also eliminates the need for a text chat (if you've ever played a game with public chat rooms you know how bad these can turn out: spammers mainly.) If a public chat room of sorts WERE to be done however, the only way I could see anything like t being done would be a pre set message broadcasted on the feed on the players screen, to which others could reply by accepting or declining. Perhaps a player could open his Fireteam/raid group up and send a request to players in the vicinity, who could promptly queue up or ignore.

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