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8/3/2014 5:32:42 AM

Talespinner Tavern

This is an advertisement for a group, not a clan. Talespinner Tavern is place for Guardians of all clans, experience levels, and classes to meet and share stories of their exploits and misadventures. All Guardians are welcome to come and share their adventures. (That means you. Get on over here, and have a virtual beer.) All Groups, Clans, and Cliques are welcome. If people can't get along and a bar brawl begins, the story of the brawl must be told by the participants. It's traditional to smash each other with furniture and glassware, but be wary of the mezcal. The worms of the future are carnivorous and have a truly amazing tolerance for alcohol. Not all stories must be true, especially if they're exaggerated to entertaining proportions. But the Crucible and Iron Banner await, and it can be unwise for your mouth to write checks your body can't cash.

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