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Please add a medal review screen in-game

Is anyone else annoyed or surprised we can't see the medals we earn after a match? We can see them all online (although it's missing a couple, like "Heating Up") but even online we can't see it per match, only in total. As it stands why even give out medals if we can't learn more about them or see how well we did after a match? I was really hoping between Alpha and Beta we'd get a stat screen (a personal stats screen) with medals, favorite gun, accuracy, killed by, killed most, etc. ala Halo. Destiny is just the type of game where having a personal stats screen after a match makes perfect sense with such a focus on us as individual Guardians. One issue is, even if we can look it up online or via the app, none of us (amongst my friends) have phones that support the app and website sucks on my phone anyway... please just provide it in-game. Along with this, please let us review last game stats during loading screens so we can review between matches... as it is it'll kick you out of your character/any screen when loading the next match.

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