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7/24/2014 3:09:11 PM

Shield Regen in PVP

There needs to be a one or two a second delay between when a player stops taking fire and their health and shields (red and white bars) start regenerating. Currently, it is almost instantaneous that when a player stops receiving fire they start regenerating. I feel it would be better to have a slight delay between when a player stops taking damage and starts regenerating. Currently, there is not motivation to shoot someone who you think will be able to escape/turn a corner/evade into anther room because you shoot them a little bit but when they run into your teammate in that other room, they are already back at full health. By having a delay, it would encourage people to shoot at enemies who they know they cannot finish off but who they think they can damage enough to help a teammate. Currently, enemies just evade and are full health in almost every battle.

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