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7/13/2014 1:10:25 PM

Dearest America,

[url=]Why are your people so thick[/url]? We are disappointed in the way you have grown up. For shame. Yours, England. [quote][/quote]But seriously, how can these people deny that sea levels are rising globally, and that sea level is almost guaranteed to increase by 0.5-1.2m by 2100? One look at the data published by the [url=]IPCC[/url] will give you clear evidence that global sea levels are on the rise, and will continue to do so. Thermal expansion and the laws of natural systems dictate that sea level must rise as the global temperature does. One of the people interviewed says that she does not care for the information because the scientists "do not live [t]here", and so she writes off the report as useless to them. She claims that she might not know what is going on in Europe, but that she knows what's going on there from "the feel of it". I mean, how moronic do you have to be? [b]Global[/b] sea level rise means the sea level rises [i]across the globe[/i], not just in pockets. Holy shit I'm mad. Discuss.

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