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Clan Tools For Leaders and Players Alike

Hey all! Many of you may already know about this. I'm setting up a clan portal for destiny clans over at: [url][/url] I'd like to invite clan leaders and players alike to join the party :) [b]As a player,[/b] we can provide you with a friendly and active community full of destiny fanatics. You can filter clans using our advanced search tools and find the clan which is right for you, without having to trawl the forums. Think Go-Compare, but for clans? One search to find the right clan for you. You can browse a full list of clans over at: [url][/url] [b]As a clan leader, [/b]we can provide your clan with a fully functioning online basecamp complete with news feed (with rss), forum, calendar, and more. All of which can be managed and maintained via your own personal back-end panel. Having a profile also helps enhances your SEO as a clan by being present on a site which is ranked number one for the term "Destiny Clans". [b]In a nut shell, everything you need to run a clan online.[/b] Already got a website? Not a problem! We offer services above and beyond which can help compliment your community. Clan leaders have access to a list of members who have marked themselves as "looking for clan". You can then send invites to the candidates you feel are right for your community. The days of forum spamming are over. You can send targeted invites with good conversion rates. I guess you could treat the site like you would a facebook page? It's a targeted gateway to help people find you. [b]Plans for the Future[/b] This site is a fully bespoke application written by myself from the ground up. This gives us the flexibility to implement any features we see fit. This makes it a great time to sign up. We're always asking clans for feedback to help us develop new features. We've already got a few ideas in the pipeline, such as alliance systems, leaderboards, shared forums between clans etc. If you feel something is missing, we'd love to hear from you. That's all from me for now! Be sure to take a look at the site and let me know your thoughts. CW signing out!

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