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Hablemos de Destiny.
5/25/2014 7:46:53 PM

Do you feel Bungie should make Destiny for PC?





I have been a loyal fan of Halo since the original. Now that Destiny is almost around the corner I have one question to ask Bungie with all due respect. Why do you leave PC players out of Destiny? I had to sell my console cause I can't afford to pay money for a membership anymore on top of games and their fees. Customer appreciation I guess goes as far as the consoles go. To add insult further I loved MMO's for the longest time and you made a game that utilized pc assets (according to many)! The fact they can't bridge over to PC is sad. Bungie if you care about your customers please make a effort to make the bridge to PC. You left your roots and you refuse to return to your true origins. Consoles are dying in my opinion due to giant corporations taking advantage of game developers like you. I wanted to buy this game for pc for so long only to have to settle for a 360 copy that I can't afford to continue playing due to stupid memberships that Microsoft and Sony implement (and the fact I had to sell my console). Do your fan-base a favor and extend to the PC market. Its a brave new world right? It won't be complete without extending to all gamers instead of a select few. If anyone agrees with this argument please reply or answer the Poll. I'm hurt by this and so should a lot of PC gamers out there.

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