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Childhood Shows That Need To Come Back. (Post your own)

You know the ones. The ones where you have huge nostalgia waves if you watch them again year later. The ones that you spent countless hours watching. The ones that are burned into your memories. Some of mine: (In no particular order) [spoiler][u]Jackie Chan Adventures[/u] A weird show. A REALLY weird show. Jackie Chan is an Archaeologist who fights ancient Chinese and Japanese demons while living in San Francisco. He voices himself. You read that correctly. Oddly enough the plot is really good. [u]Invader Zim[/u] Somehow it manages to be weirder than Jackie Chan Adventures. Basically, it follows the lives of an inept alien invader and the paranoid kid who happens to chance upon him. It gets off on a lot of shock value and random humor. [u]Justice League/Justice League Unlimited/Various animated Batman series[/u] The older (late 90's to early/mid-00's) animated superhero shows were the shiz. You just can't explain it.[/spoiler] So, what's you list?

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