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How in the hell did South Park do that?

[url=]Review of "The Hobbit"[/url] What I don't know is how they got it to air so damned fast. The main plot points (hard to call them "arcs") - Wendy gets into a battle over photoshopped images undermining reality and both self-image and how people "see" each other. - Kim K. is referred to as a hobbit and Aquaman (he was busy so a former gay fish, Kanye) comes to class to deny that his fiancee is a hobbit. - Wendy gets madder and madder as more girls in the school photoshop themselves to appear more attractive and they boys become more interested in them, because they "look hot" in pics, but not in real life. - [b][u]Time is naming Pope Francis as "Person of the Year" and Kanye interrupts his acceptance speech to try to convince everyone that "Kim is NOT a hobbit" though evidence is starting to show that she actually is.[/u][/b] - Wendy is threatened with being sent to "Jelly School" if she continues to be a hater. - Wendy then goes on a rant that no one is perfect, should accept their imperfections, starts listing everyone's imperfections and it dawns on her (and everyone else) that she actually is "a hater". - Wendy caves and photoshops her own pics to be sexier. Typical South Park parody and social commentary, and well done. What I don't understand is how in the hell they were able to write, storyboard, animate, and voice the [u]Time's Person of the Year scene[/u] (with Pope Francis winning) so quickly. That just happened 3 days ago, [u]the same day[/u] that this episode aired. How'd they do that?

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