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Here is a interesting read for godzilla fans.

Godzilla 1998 was bad, very bad. Though did you know that there is a already written script for the sequel. It is too long to post the whole thing so I will only post the opening to the movie with a link to the rest. Sorry if this is old, just thought you guys might be interested if you have not seen it. [quote]PROLOGUE Godzilla is dead. Much of Manhattan lays in ruins. Teams of soldiers continue to scour the creature's underground burrows, searching for any remaining eggs or BabyZillas. Life in New York is slowly returning to normal... NICK TATOPOULOS is invited to a warehouse where scientists from all over the world are examining Godzilla's dissected body parts. The scientists' excitement is lost on Nick who feels increasingly distraught over the part he played in helping to destroy such a unique and intelligent lifeform. He’s haunted by memories of the final look in Godzilla's eyes just before it expired. And when he witnesses half a dozen scientists crawling over one of those extracted dead eyeballs it's more than he can handle. He makes a quick and brusque exit after turning down an opportunity to head up the research project. Tortured by guilt, Nick sneaks past police barricades into the Manhattan underground to begin a search of his own, hoping against hope to discover some remnant of the now extinct species. His hopes are rewarded when he discovers one last BabyZilla, trapped under some rubble and near death. Nick is able to free the BabyZilla, while avoiding its jaws and claws. Although physically unhurt, the BabyZilla is weak from starvation and will die if something isn't done. Later, the butcher at a local fish market watches in astonishment as Nick buys every last piece from his display case. Back in he devastated subway tunnel, Nick feeds the BabyZilla and begins a relationship of trust and mutual respect that will resonate throughout the rest of the film. VOICES suddenly echo from down the tunnel. A dozen flashlight beams sign an approaching squad of soldiers. Nick realizes the BabyZilla will be shot on sight if found by the soldiers. Using the remaining fish as bait, Nick lures the BabyZilla away. The pair manage to reach the surface without being detected. In the meantime, the BabyZilla has come to believe Nick is its mother (imprinting), following him everywhere like a lovesick puppy. When another squad of soldiers approaches, Nick shrouds the BabyZilla in a long overcoat and shepherds it down to the waterfront. At one point a bum accosts the pair, unwittingly begging for spare change from the BabyZilla. The bum's bloodshot eyes bulge when his extended hand is snapped at by the BabyZilla. The bum's terrified screams bring the soldiers running. Realizing they're about to be discovered, Nick tries to get the BabyZilla to enter the water and strike off on its own. At first, it refuses to leave its 'mother'. Nick is forced to use 'tough love'. He pushes the baby away, screams in anger, even throws rocks at it. Heartbroken, the BabyZilla finally slips into the cold water and swims off into the murky depths with mixed emotions...[/quote] Source: [url][/url]

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