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Editado por Wookie Bookie: 9/11/2013 9:08:29 PM

You're Stupid If You Still Cry Over 9/11

Seriously America. It happened twelve years ago and you're still pouring money into memorials in a sad attempt to justify still having boots in the Middle East. You guys have already proved the fat stereotype, and now you're moving on to the retarded one. You don't see Japan crying over the earthquake/tsunami. You know why? Because they are smart enough to understand that once something is taking care of, you leave it alone. I sat in school today doing the same shit I've done on 9/11 since 3rd Grade (Junior now). Watching documentaries on idiots not fighting hijackers off, idiots using shitty air control, idiots going inside a collapsible building to save other idiots, idiots doing 360's out of towers, and idiots who record the damn segment instead of evacuating. The best two parts are the survivors on the videos who all of a sudden knew what to do to make their bullshit story sound like a book and the moral idiots who want to protect idiots that they don't even know to better their reputation. What needs to be done is a memorial of the awesome and brilliant 9/11 jokes encompassing the fact that this disaster needs to be buried. TLDR for idiotic, fat Americans: This attack was mad funny and anyone who is still mad twelve years later is a moralfag who really doesn't give a shit either.

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