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I can think of at least 5 good reasons as to why Bale shouldn't come back as Batman. 1) Bale's Batman exists within a universe that is restricted by hyper realism, with Batman's rouge gallery being altered to achieve these aspects, for instance Ra's Al Ghul wasn't immortal, the Joker didn't have his face bleached (wearing make-up as an alternative) and Bane didn't use Venom at all because that would be too unrealistic. So, once you establish that this Batman is from a realistic world, you can't have him stand next to Superman, an alien that makes all of Batman's enemies look like harmless children. 2) There are a lot of things in The Dark Knight Rises that would be contradicted if Bale were to return as Batman, such as Superman's existence within the same universe - where was Superman when Bane was holding an entire city hostage? Another thing that as expressed was the condition of Bruce Wayne at the end of the movie, he lost all his money and his body was in shambles, so if Bats was to return where would he get all his gadgets and the strength to stand up to aliens and gods? 3) Batman himself within the Nolan movies was not anywhere near an accurate portrayal of Batman, he was weak (got his ass kicked by Ra's Al Ghul, The Joker and Bane) whereas the real (comic) Batman can bench press 1000 pounds and knows like 127 different martial arts. Not to mention he was stupid, he wasn't the World's Greatest Dectective, hell he wasn't even Gotham's Greatest Detective - he had no idea what he was doing and constantly had to ask other people about stuff (WHERE WERE THE OTHER DRUGS GOING?! WHERE ARE THEY?! WHERE'S THE TRIGGER?!), you're Batman figure it out. Also, Alfred was the one to inform Bruce about who Bane was, his god damn butler and not the god damn Batman. So if he got slapped around by Bane and the Joker, both mere humans, what makes you think he can stand up to Superman? Or Darkseid? Or any other member of Superman's rogue gallery? 4) Batman's dialogue was terrible, borderline comedic in fact. Imagine how stupid it would be for Superman to be speaking clearly and suddenly this throat cancer induced man walks in claiming to be Batman, throwing short growls that not even Superman's super-hearing can decipher. Stupidity would arise even further after Superman and other League members know Batman's identity, as he would continue to use that stupid voice as he has done in the past, despite the purpose of the voice being to shield his identity. 5) Offering Bale $50-$60 million just to come back only shows that Warner Brothers is desperate and unconfident in their projects, and are willing to dish out a quarter of an entire movie budget for one guy. Perhaps their mentality is that people will only see the movie if Bale returns, given that Nolan's movies have made like $2.5 billion at the box office whereas Man of Steel has only made $650 million (although Man of Steel was twice as successful as Batman Begins and even beat Iron man 2, a film with an established audience). 6) If Bale were to reprise his role as Batman in World's Finest, then Warner Brothers would be expecting him back for Justice League, and any further Justice League or Batman sequels. This would give him at least other 10 years as the caped crusader, and he already said that he was tired of the role and that someone else should have a shot. 7) We need a fresh take on Batman, Bale was Batman for 7 years, one of if not the longest running actor for Batman. People can preach all they like about Bale being the perfect Batman (people said the same thing about Jack Nicholson as the Joker, then Heath Ledger was cast), but eventually people will get tired of his performance.

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