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Unseen Information

I found this image on the ViDoc [u]Pathways Out Of Darkness[/u], and i noticed a lot of this i didn't saw before. - [b]Squad[/b] (Top Right Corner) The squad can have up to six member, and i guess you can make your Squad joinable or private. - [b]Emblems[/b] (Top Right Corner) The emblems seem to be similar to halo (Background emblem, and Main emblem). I don't think they might change that to something like CoD type of emblem. - [b]Space Ships[/b] -Custom Space Ships -Halcylon emblem on the white space ship ([u]I think[/u]) - [b]The Hub[/b] (Left) 1.- [i]The City (Home)[/i] The MMO/RPG side of Destiny. Interact with Guardians on the tower, maybe gamble loot? 2.- [i]Chapter 3 (Shores Of Time)[/i] Campaign. 3.- [i]Bounty (Collect Your Weekly Bonus) w/timer[/i] I think this might be like the Challenges on Halo. 4.- [i]Strike (Random Hopper)[/i] I don't know what this might be, if you have a idea, comment. 5.- [i]Raid (Random Hopper)[/i] Raid Dungeons For Loot!! 6.- [i]Faction Wars (Random Hopper)[/i] PvP, maybe a matchmaking halo type. [u]-If i missed some thing let me know as a comment-[/u] #CommonWealth [url][/url]

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