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Editado por Donut: 7/27/2013 8:27:43 AM

This website is simply not enjoyable.

NOTE: This is mostly opinion. It's been over half a year, and I've tried so hard to grow to like, but the simple matter is that it's just not an enjoyable experience, especially compared to bungie.old. [url=]Look at this.[/url] Look at how sleek the forum looks. The overall black theme looked fantastic. Threads were easy to locate and enter. Reply chains suck. Really, IMO, they just do. Quoting was a much better way of replying to someone. Which brings up another point of why reply chains are a bother. Chronological post order. Yeah, we got that feature back a few months ago here, but reply chains jumble everything up. Although the replies are technically organized within the posts this way, you still have to constantly switch between reply chains to keep up with a conversation. I highly preferred quoting in bungie.old, and how absolutely everything was going in chronological order. How conversations were intermixed. "Drinking from the firehose", if you will. Infinite page scrolling is just atrocious. Chronological post order is simply unusable with big threads when there are no pages. Pages were godly. And then the little things, such as big avatars, titles, and the thread icons showcasing a thread's popularity, not a member's avatar. The "hot topic" detector on is simply confusing. I've seen threads with hundreds of replies but they still don't have a blue shied. Having a hot topic activate at post 51 made it an easy way of seeing "this thread has a good amount of replies, check it out." #OffTopic doesn't provide the amount of lulz that The Flood did. I miss being a Floodian. All in all, this website just doesn't feel like home anymore. I guess most of it's new features ARE usable, but they make for an experience that just doesn't give me the satisfaction old did. This has been said a million times, but seriously, these barely feel like forums anymore. They're more like comment sections. It truly breaks my heart that old is gone forever, and that what I used to call my internet home is now just an unenjoyable mess. Anyone else feel the same? </3

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