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publicado originalmente en:The Black Garden
7/6/2013 12:49:43 AM

Gaurdians- A Destiny Fan Fiction Part 8: Rescue

Happy 5th of July! I would say 4th but I obviously didn't post it in time. So consider this a late 4th of July gift. But it such a relief that this is finally up. Now I can get to work on Part 9. The Europa Saga ends. William has to retrieve the generator, and his friend, from a ruthless group of Fallen, but not all Fallen are the same. Audience Questions. Same rules apply. [spoiler]Well Tharmia really showed her power, am I right? Do you think Tracker is a good weapon? How did you react to Amitha's return? What's your opinion of Telcrosa? Should William Trust him? Do you think he will be a good villain? (yes he's the villain) What do you think Telcrosa was talking about regarding Markus?[/spoiler]

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