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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por HugPeter: 6/29/2013 12:11:47 AM

Women in Destiny?

I haven't seen any female guardian versions anywhere. Are there some concept artworks or gameplay videos/screenshots of girl characters I can view? I'm hoping they don't over sexualize the women in destiny, but being a guy I still want them to have a certain sensualness to them. I'm sure they will be tastefully done.. Just curious to see what bungie is leaning towards. Cheers. edit: Okay guys.. I am well informed now about how bungie is doing the female guardians. THANKS AGAIN. im used to seeing video game girls looking a lot more scandalous/feminine .. so when i did see the female versions i didn't notice it right away. I was like wait.. girl? nahh guy... oh... that IS a girl. okay. haha all is well now.

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