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The Darker Parts of Destiny

EDIT: Please don't necrobump this thread. In Destiny, you have the option to gamble for better items and more money. One of the things I was wondering, is gambling the only thing that you can get better items with. Yes, you can murder your enemies and get cool rewards, but I am wondering if you can take a darker path. I was thinking that maybe guardians can smuggle goods for less than nice people or participate in a arena. [b]Smuggling:[/b] People are always going to want items such as alcohol. And maybe you can profit on it. Say someone has a friend in the wasteland making... alcohol. He can't get it out of their on his own due to aliens. So you go and take up the task of bringing the goods to the last city. Because of some law, this... alcohol is banned for manufacture there. So you fight off some fallen and bring the goods and you get +2 armor. So you get some good old fashion clothing for the price of some delivery, only thing killed is the aliens. [b]Arena:[/b] This one I think would be more likely to appear in the game than smuggling. So what if in the last city there is an underground fightclub going on. Or multiple fightclubs going on. What if you could enter into one to try and get a few extra credits. The arena could be anything from 16 people gouging out each other's hearts with a knife to space magic fight. Anyways, some people fight and others gamble. Maybe this would be very similar too competitive matchmaking, but it can be tweaked to make it more high risk. Say each participant has to give ten billion credits for a fight. And winner takes all (minus the take of the club). So losing that fight compared to a matchmaking game would be much more devastating. Another thing that could happen with fight clubs is that clans could take them over or make them. Assuming you can trade money, clan fight clubs are a possibility. Who knows what Bungie will think of those. So what do you guys think? Am I crazy(ier)? Post your thoughts below. Also, do you think that there might be more stuff that could be implemented? Note: I will probably update this in a little bit.

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