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4/2/2013 6:49:18 PM

Evil Dead remake

This movie is attached to my soul!


It would make a good horse blanket


Seems kinda.. Groovy


Anyone else here excited for this movie? I'm a huge fan of horror, gore, and the original Evil Dead trilogy especially. When I first heard of this remake, I was a bit iffy, but decided to keep an open mind. Once the first trailer came out, I watched it but was still a bit skeptical. But after watching it over and over, along with new trailers, I got more and more excited. I'm glad to see they are keeping it gory and grotesque, though not getting my hopes up for the movie to be as amazing as the original, but we will see this weekend. Also excited about the news of Raimi working on [url=]Evil Dead 4/Army of Darkness 2[/url].

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