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The Great Wii Wars

As you all know, Bungie recently said that Ps4 will get 'exclusive content.' A number of you are overreacting, as it'll probably be something as trivial as a weapon skin. Nonetheless, I see a conflict beginning to arise between devout fanboys of the two systems. Fear not, however! I have a solution. The Ps4 and next generation Xbox are fine consoles. Great pieces of machinery. We should not waste time quarreling over such meaningless things! No, we should direct our attention to the greatest sinner of them all : The Wii. The Wii is a hub for a disgusting breed of gamers, famously known to us elite gamers as casuals. It is a system built around casual gaming. All about fun, and enjoying the moment! It's disgusting, I tell you! So, I came here not to point fingers at Playstation, or the Xbox, but at the greatest villain of them all : The Wii. Waste not your words and your blind hatred at two good platforms, but at the most vile of them! The Wii is the true culprit here, and it cannot be forgiven. Join with me, my fellow gamers! We shall unite against Nintendo, and defeat the mastermind behind all of these conflicts! Join with me, in the Great Wii Wars.

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