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Desensitization to gore

Is desensitization to gore a bad thing? Do you think being able to sit down and watch Saw without feeling anything that all (other than entertainment/excitement, which are both cheap emotions) is wrong? If you think it's okay to sit down and watch Saw, is it just as okay to go onto Best Gore and being able to look at that website, knowing for well the authenticity of all or most of the things on there? I honestly believe desensitization to gore is a good thing; people from older generations typically ([b]not always[/b]) view it as a bad thing. One of my friends thinks it's a little weird. I just cannot see how it can bring any bad, and only the potential for good. People have insides. Sometimes they're outsides. That's a harsh reality of this world, and sooner or later you may be faced with a situation where you need to help somebody with their guts on the floor. I certainly wouldn't want your nausea around guts preventing me from living, nor would I want the last thing I see be someone throwing up. Thoughts?

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