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Editado por pizza_mans: 6/13/2024 3:25:37 AM

Pathfinder objectives not tracking properly

pale heart: -complete any lost sector objective will not progress, I tried doing every lost sector in the entire destination, nothing -the stitching event in the Lost city is marked on the destination map as being in the outskirts, however completing it does not progress the objective, and tracking it does not lead to where it is on the map (in fact, the pointer leads you into the lost city zone, away from the event, and then disappears once you get there) rituals: -deposit motes objective seems to be capped at 7 per game, regardless of how many I actually banked (played 2 games, banked 35 in each, my progress was at 7 after the first, 14 after the second) EDIT: in the gambit objective, "Wining a match with the most motes deposited will automatically complete this objective" both has a typo and does not seem to be working (unless you need the most out of BOTH teams, haven't tested that yet)
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