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6/12/2024 7:13:26 PM

Still cannot unlock Prismatic class on second character

Quest: The Final Shape Step 1 of 3. AKA: First mission of The Final Shape Task: Cross the threshhold and discover what lies within the Traveller Issue: Cannot interact with final wellspring which unlocks prismatic class, stopping campaign progression entirely. Additional Info: -My main was able to unlock prismatic fine on my first pass through. -The current character with the issue is the same class as the original which owns the prismatic. -I have not deleted any characters. Complaint: As far as I can tell there's a 100% chance of this happening on your second character, which means this was not tested on the launch build. We're expected to get additional gear on alternate characters and yet somehow this is in the game. Unless your servers are down, this should be your first priority because people who unlocked the prismatic and deleted their character are completely unable to unlock their prismatic again, meaning they cannot complete the campaign. I didn't bring my crew back to Destiny 2 to be hamstrung by a mistake like this - it's incredibly disappointing. I'm happy to provide any more details you need on the status of either of my characters to move this problem along. Video added so you can #Witness it. ;] GLHF

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