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6/10/2024 8:23:37 PM

Why can't we just have the missing mote of light?

This is clearly a bug that's impacting a lot of people, and Bungie is completely aware of it. Of course, the ideal solution is simply fixing it, but that takes time. I think everyone can understand that. But then, it's such an inconsequential issue. It's one out of 17 motes of light. A solution takes time, but so does getting to this point, and it really, really sucks to spend several hours working towards something, and be locked out of it because of one singular glitched boss. Given that we have no ETA on an actual fix, why can't we have a band-aid solution to this? Why can't we just be given the mote of light? I understand that they want the quest to need you to do everything, but this is their mistake, and we shouldn't be punished like this for just playing the game as intended. It can't be that hard to just put an extra mote of light in everyone's inventory while we wait for this to be fixed. It's really souring the experience of an otherwise great expansion, for absolutely no reason. If you *know* that there's an error preventing people from obtaining this tiny thing legitimately, locking everyone out of something that they put hours of effort into, why can't there be a bit of leniency on getting this item? It'd be a lot easier to look past this, if the game would look past me not having something that is unobtainable for reasons out of my control anyway.
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