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A few Tips for Zero Hour Boss room.... solo or team.

The 2 big bottlenecks in Boss room (Walkers and the Brig). 1. Walkers •Dragon's Breath... all day. It takes 2 (1 per tank) rockets if you aim them right. You want to imbed the rocket at the very top in the middle of their back. •Dbl (Double) Special. Mercy strat. You don't need to run dbl special the entire time... you can, it's viable... maybe optimal, to refresh you ammo... especially heavy, and even getting a few rockets is totally worth it. Note: If you don't know there is a "Mercy" mechanic that will give ammo after you exhaust it all. So, to spam rockets... you just need to have dbl special equipped, then burn your ammo. Or when you run out of heavy, equip dbl special. The Brig, the AoE is partially targeted through LoS (Line of Sight) and your relative positioning. If you're way at the back... it can't use some of its attacks, so it's going to spam the AoE... it can see where you are at all times too. Closer, once you clear the adds, seems to be better. To elaborate, when you're closer it will move to establish LoS more, and use other attacks that will interrupt and limit the AoE bombardments somewhat. However, once you break the belly, you want some distance... I move back. I'm still having problems breaking the belly, I put 5 rockets into it last night, and it still didn't break. Once I got that figured, I'll get my Legend Solo. To add: For Mercy strat... you can use loadouts to make this easier. By saving your current loadout with dbl special... then you equip your default weapons manually no matter the config. Or do 2 of the same loadout... but 1. Default weapons 2. Dbl special for the Mercy proc. You only really need 1. But using 2 would be better. As long as your fragments, subclass, mods are the same... switching weapons won't reset your abilities/super. [url=]Zero Hour... how to get to Boss room, through the enemy encounters with a very accessible weapon configuration, solo or team.[/url]

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