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is Solo Enabler currently bannable?

basicly title, this is the script, it simply disables matchmaking so i can do strikes and nightmare hunts and things like that solo. I know in the past that other people have been banned for this but they were able to appeal that ban and get unbanned, i dont want to deal with that so id rather know for sure if i wont. this is the link to the github repo of the script [REDACTED] this is a 2022 post that has a reply from bungie saying that bungie does not currently issue restrictions for this, im not sure if that still holds if at all possible i would like a offical response of some kind so that i know if i use it i wont have to worry, or that i shouldnt use it [spoiler][b]Moderator edit:[/b] Please do not post links to scripts or other tools that may result in a ban.[/spoiler]
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