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Welcoming and Chill clan looking for endgame PVE and PVP players

[url=][b]Room 4[/b][/url] [b](EU/NA)[/b] [b][+18][/b] Chill clan looking for active players to run Weekly Raids, Reset Gaming, Dungeons, GMs, Trials, etc. We do both PVE and PVP endgame content. Veterans and New Lights all welcome. Tech and fun focused. We also play other games :) [u][b]We offer: [/b][/u] [quote]- A friendly environment to get your weekly and seasonal stuff done in Destiny. - Scheduled events for raids. - Latest tech talks on keyboards, gaming mice or gadgets from time to time while raiding... Maybe...[/quote] In exchange, [u][b]we ask from you[/b][/u]: [quote]- Commitment in raids when joining a scheduled event. - Consistency in playing Destiny actively or moderately active. - No dramas.[/quote] Feel free to check our discord server: [quote][/quote] Hope you enjoy!

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