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9/24/2023 9:20:17 PM

Looking for experienced raiders who want to help new raiders and veterans alike!

Rebirth of the Phoenix is a clan with the mission of truly helping members and friends. We hit clan level 6 very quickly and have a bunch of experienced players who are looking to raid! We are looking for some solid raiders who want to come join our already great group and contribute to the madness!! A bit about us and about you: We are 18+. We are open to all platforms (PSN/Xbox/Steam). We are mostly NA time zones but have some in the UK as well. You must have a mic and be comfortable talking in voice chats. You must join and be active in our Discord server so we know you're interested! You need to be active in the game and on the Discord at least once a week You love and/or really want to truly learn endgame content (Raids/Dungeons/GM Nightfalls) You must have access to available DLCs and Content What can we offer you? Raids: We love to raid and have all kinds of fun running Sherpa raids for clanmates! In-Game Fun: We are always up for all activities, from Crucible, to Gambit, to Raids, to Story missions and Trials. A Good Time: Non-toxic, chill people who just want to have fun playing the game and get stuff done Come join us and help us build an even stronger clan! If you like to run with friends, raid, and have a blast playing the game, Rebirth of the Phoenix is for you! Feel free to shoot me a DM with any questions you might have! Want to join? Shoot me a DM or comment on this post and apply here:

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