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Editado por Lord Magris: 10/1/2023 11:21:33 AM

I'm Sorry to Others Who've Told Me This, But I Don't Think DestinyTracker's Win Ratio Statistics Are Correct

I get lucky to win 3 matches. Then I lose 5-7 matches in a row. 50% win ratio? No, there's something wrong with that number. That doesn't feel right at all, considering how much the team balancing has been wanting me to lose very consistently. 90% of the time I see a familiar face (which is ALL THE TIME NOW) that I know is really good in PvP and kicks my butt, they are almost ALWAYS on the enemy team and those matches are usually losses for my team. And then the rare chance that they DO end up on my team, it's usually a loss anyways because OTHER familiar faces destroy us from the other team. I've learned names. I've been 180-flick-shotted by bows. I've been denied countless 1v1 scenarios because of teaming. I've been head-glitched and shot from the most unusual and newest angles I've ever seen. I sweat my butt off trying to play objective. And what is that like for me? Really, I must be a masochist for trying to continue playing PvP on this game. As I always say, SBMM is NOT skill-based. It just doesn't work. And CBMM is NOT connection-based. IT just doesn't work. Both versions of matchmaking have the same problems. You can find a laggy player in one mode just as often as in the other (granted that doesn't happen too often), and the team balancing is always the worst part. Also, I HAVE seen it before where the database will record the results of a match prematurely, claiming that some matches were victories when they were not. They usually have to be pretty close matches. The numbers are wrong somewhere unless someone can prove me wrong. I just can't believe it.

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