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9/30/2023 6:32:00 AM

Adept Trials rewards post-Flawless drop rates Proposal

Currently at 8 wins within an hour and haven't had the new Grenade Launcher to drop. Feeling very demoralized. (should specify, I'm on a flawed passage but already went flawless.) Maybe we could streamline this a little more and have a guaranteed set amount of wins for an adept weapon to drop? We still of course want those who don't have a flawed passage to have better odds, so here's something I propose (& would love to hear others feedback!) I propose a percentage based idea that guarantees a weapon to drop after "x" amount of wins, that way players don't feel unrewarded for their play time. - On a Flawless passage (not flawed) there is an initial 33% drop rate for an adept weapon to drop, but after every single win *without* an adept dropping the percentage goes up. So 1 win = 33%, 2 = 67% maxing out at 100% after three wins. Therefore guaranteeing an adept after 3 wins if the players remains Flawless. - On a Flawed passage, maybe let's make it a 20% chance? That way it takes 5 wins for a guaranteed Adept, but still gives those who are Flawless faster/better odds. (The percentage would go back down to it's original value if the player were to receive an adept. I.e if I'm on a Flawed passage and get an adept on my 4th win, which would be an 80% drop rate, it would then go back down to it's original 20%.) I feel this could be a deterministic way to make things better all around for everyone, giving those that remain Flawless better chances, and those that aren't a more better idea of how far along they are till their next reward. Just an idea I've been thinking of for a bit, let me know what y'all think and/or any other improvements you'd like to see? I'd love for someone at Bungie to catch wind of this bc I feel like this is a nifty idea that better respects all players' time! :)

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