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9/26/2023 7:07:20 PM

✨️Something Wicked This Way Comes! Find Your Path With AotB!✨️

[b]Eyes up Guardians and embrace all the wonderfully wicked adventures the Destiny universe has in store for you! [/b] Destiny 2's Season of the Witch has only just begun casting its spell. Come join us as we banish the wretched HIve prince Crota, seek wisdom as you complete your Deck of Whispers, and tithe your spoils to Eris Morn to help her become the most powerful Hive to ever exist. [i]And let’s not forget to manifest all the positive energy we can for Destiny’s embattled servers![/i] If you are a solo Guardian looking for your new coven, the [i]Accusers of the Brëthrën[/i] want to welcome you to our amazing group. We are a supportive, welcoming community open to every Guardian out there. Our Discord server and network of clans is the ultimate haven for New Lights and veteran players alike. We offer the following: 🌟Active PvP and PvE LFG channels 🌟Experienced and knowledgeable Sherpas for all Raids and Dungeons 🌟Monthly/Weekly Challenges and perks 🌟Helpful tutorials and Destiny resources 🌟Players on all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation and PC) 🌟Members from all time zones 🌟Dedicated and friendly Moderation staff 🌟Other than Destiny channels to meet new people and grow our community No matter what your skill level, light level, Destiny 2 goals, favorite activity, or if you just want an awesome, friendly fireteam to enjoy the game with, we want you here! If you have questions or need any help with getting started in the server please don’t hesitate to DM [i]the_dream_witch[/i] on Discord. [b][i]All things are possible now. ~ Eris Morn[/i] [/b]

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