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9/7/2023 6:27:48 PM

Idea's for new weapon archetypes

I'm not sure if this already exists or not, but I decided to make a post where people can share their ideas for new weapon archetypes. With us getting burst round hand cannons like wardens law this season and support auto rifles in final shape, I feel like the possibilities for new weapons has never been higher. So I'll go ahead and share my idea and maybe it just might become a real thing. What I was thinking of was drum mag shotguns. They fire extremely quickly and you only have to load the drum instead of individual shells which could make it stand out from normal shotguns. To balance its benefits, it could be designated to the heavy slot, which would make its ammo economy more hard to work around. As an added to bonus to that, you could now run triple shotguns without the need for an exotic to take up your heavy slot for whenever you feel like goofing off.

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