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8/29/2023 9:41:44 PM

Destiny 2 Exotic Engram/Lost Sector farm needs to respect my time.

I have limited time to play Destiny. In certain aspects of this game such as the new exotic armour I fall behind every season I fall behind on. The legend lost sector drop rates for the exotics are too low, I can spend 2 hours of my playtime doing legend lost sectors and get nothing. This is probably 12-15 runs where my runs are between 7-9 minutes for example in Bunker E15. 2 hours of my day, achieving nothing, unlike other aspects of the game. a) Legend lost sectors have to be done solo, this is an unsocial aspect of the game. b) Lost sectors aren't fun experiences like raids where one might spend hours and get nothing. That's a fun experience. This is made to be grindy. c) The rewards are minimal. The only thing worthwhile is the exotics. 2 hours and I don't get much EXP, glimmer or any other resource. It is a menial grind with no tangible benefit with poor RNG for getting an exotic. Something needs fixing; make the drop rate higher so spending hours of my day isn't wasted, make lost sectors not have to be done solo and at least I can join some friends as we grind together (as I expect of an MMO experience), or have the new exotic also drop some other aspirational content like GMs, Master Raids, Master Dungeons etc. /end rant from a guardian that wasted my evening for nothing.

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