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Post-Final Shape Feedback for Destiny 2

1. Everything should be unvaulted from Red War to now along with Adventures and other seasonal activities. Imagine how amazing playing Red War Campaign again with your friends on Legendary difficulty would be. Also, please permanently remove the Destiny Content Vault, the worst addition and biggest scam in Destiny 2. 2. All season passes should become permanent like how they did it in Halo Infinite. 3. Quests such as the Investigation Board Hidden Reports and Restoring Cloud Strider Memorials should become re-playable because they’re still a lot of fun to do and can be optional to do again. 4. Increase the Vault Space for all Armor, Weapons, and other Gear into infinite amount. 5. The Transmog system with Ada-1 needs a huge major update/overhaul. The grinding needs to stop immediately. 6. Please do the whole Destiny community a huge favor and permanently fix/remove all error codes immediately. Normally, we Destiny players almost always have the best internet connection, so it might be some internet/connection issue on Bungie’s end that they need to fix instead. 7. All Event items such as Universal Ornaments like Dawning or Solstice sets should also become available through Eververse Store too. 8. All Terminal Overload weapons should become Deepsight/Red Border weapons too. 9. All three of the Veritas Armor Sets should get a special pink shader that would look exactly like those Hidden Guardians in the Enclave on Mars. Also, there should be a thinking emote where our guardian can officially act like a hidden agent when we’re inspecting something such as the investigation board. 10. All the Legacy Raids in Destiny 2 such as Vault of Glass and King’s Fall should have all the regular enemies look exactly like their Destiny 1 counterparts and not reskinned Destiny 2 enemies. 11. Please permanently remove the Destiny Content Vault, the worst addition and biggest scam in Destiny 2. 12.. Osiris should regain his light back and become a guardian again because he’s proved to himself that he deserves a second chance from the Traveler due to him being an important guide and ally against the inevitable battles against the Vex threat.

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