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8/11/2023 2:40:00 PM

Relic Rumble - how I should pull it off.

There is one triumph I want to grab. It is the triumph for the Dreaming City called Relic Rumble. For this triumph we need to take out Sedia in the corrupted strike using only two relics. There are some YouTube videos showing this, however they are old now, and I think that Bungie nerf'd some things which makes those videos unhelpful (although super cool to watch). I think that Sedia's health gets limited to half in the first encounter. You can only take half her health away in the first room. So, I guess there is no way to end the strike after the first encounter? Is this correct? Obviously, passing the relic is a must to super charge it. Which weapon should I use for DPS? I got Sleeper Simulant with catalyst (that took a while... 😕) Because I saw a guy on YouTube use it to dps. But, now I'm not sure.... I also have 1000 voices, and recently got Divinity. I'm open to any suggestions here. Finally, should I wait for the strike to appear in rotation and try this on Heroic, or something with revives? Or, is this possible during a GM? Again, any community suggestions would be helpful. If I battle to Sedia during g a GM, I would want to know it is possible.

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